Monday, February 20, 2017

La la land ... a sweet musical journey

What a melodious piece of cinema, sweet pretty and beautiful!!
Follow your dreams and dont stop loving, let the love in your life lift you up high!
Though i wanted to see them together at the end .. follow ur dreams never says 'forget your love'
Go watch it if you have a sweet tooth and a lovely heart ❤️❤️
Even if you are action lover, still, go and watch it for a change. Go get some music in your life :)

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Just walked together...

without asking name, without knowing you
without saying anything, without listening to anything
keeping all the customs, traditions aside
taking hands in hands, laughing and making each other laugh
crying and making each other cry
we just walked together
we were meant to be together, we got along
the destiny found its way,&, we adored each other beyond destiny
unknowingly i made my heart your home
we dreamt together to grow our togetherness
and the string of dreams got shattered
the dreams were mine , the whispers were mine
love was mine, and, gameshow was yours
smiles were mine, timepass fun was yours
foolish i was, smart you were
You never made your heart my home
I just walked few steps with you, we never walked together ...